Chef Heston Blumenthal has designed a barbecue with all mod-cons,  just in time for summer

You won’t find much in a kitchen that Heston Blumenthal hasn’t made branded iterations of. He started with a comprehensive menu for Waitrose: everything from prized Persian Christmas puddings to prepackaged Bloody Marys. Not long after, he branched out into smart appliances – his Sage range included everything from toasters to ice cream makers to the world’s first fully automatic tea maker. More recently he’s put his name to Ocado’s Sizzle range of knives and thermometers, but out of everything, his latest development might be the most useful – a collection of six grills he reckons will revolutionise the barbecue.

At the forefront of the claim is the fast flame ignition system. Add charcoal and press the ignition button and the barbecue can be ready within ten minutes – without the need for chemicals or firelighters. This built-in ignition system is a first for BBQs and promises to not only simplify the cooking process but claims to preserve the flavour and quality of food during the cooking process. 


Another nifty addition on both the Hub (£1,499) and Fusion (£899) models is the patented built-in rotisserie system. The discrete motor is capable of turning 40kg, so large enough to slow-roast a whole chicken, leg of lamb, or suckling pig.

Is it a game changer? Probably not – a certain satisfaction does come from getting those coals going. That said, the spit does make for a impressive centre piece. But does it top these seven hot grill alternatives already out there?

And if you need any help along the way, the new Heston Bot – a curious Skype-based cooking aid – will give you tips, flavour pairings, and the odd anecdote. He really has covered every base.

Alex Moore