The Macallan has partnered with avant-garde Swiss watchmaker, Urwerk, to build a limited-edition hip flask of extraordinary complexity

If you’ve ever seen a Urwerk timepiece, you’ll appreciate why The Macallan chose this particular watchmaker to help transform a traditionally simple everyday object into a progressive design feat. Urwerk’s watches (for those who haven’t seen them) are the sort you’d expected to be standard issue onboard the Starship Enterprise – large, complicated and super-futuristic. 

The Macallan challenged the Urwerk team to design the most technical hip flask they could. Two years later they came back with a flask composed of 156 parts, made from machined aluminium, titanium and stainless steel, and featuring a number of unique complications.


What’s most impressive is how the flask contains two separate tanks, meaning you can switch between whiskies (a spring-loaded directional mouthpiece lets you alternate between tanks). Winglets can be deployed to create a stand for the flask, and the cap holds itself open during pouring. It’s probably a far cry from the dinted old tin you’ve been carrying around.

Only 500 flasks have been made and are priced at £2,000, available from

Alex Moore