A worthwhile way of squeezing a spot of exercise into an otherwise horizontal holiday

Holidays in the Caribbean usually involve villas, yachts, maybe some jerk chicken and copious cigars. What they don’t usually involve is exertion. You don’t hear about many people cycling around the islands, for example. Which if you ask us, makes a Tour de Barbados all the more appealing. And besides, there’s only so many times you can cycle round Majorca.


As part of Barbados’ Year of Sports, the island will host its inaugural Festival of Cycling. The five day event (4-9 September) has been designed for cyclists of all abilities to discover Barbados from an unconventional perspective. For committed cyclists, the 112km ‘gold course’ will start and finish at Bridgetown, going via the legendary Cattlewash beach and the verdant St John’s parish; for those with one eye still on the rum punch, the 64km ‘silver course’ might be more manageable.


Still sound exhausting? There’s nothing to say you can’t go back to your villa afterwards, have a cigar and sleep for the rest of the week. That’s what we’d do. visitbarbados.org

Alex Moore

Photography by James Appleton