The latest addition to De Beers’ Classic Collection is the DB Darling engagement ring, a white diamond steeped in Greek history  

Originally the world’s largest diamond traders and, since 2001, a jewellery house in its own right, there are few brands more synonymous with the stones. The latest addition to the De Beers diamond family is the DB Darling engagement ring, a white diamond band set in platinum with a main diamond of either 1.01 carats or 2.01 carats.


Inspired by the love story between Psyche, goddess of the soul, and Cupid, god of love, the V-shaped setting mirrors Cupid’s outstretched wings, while the ring’s perfect symmetry pays homage to Psyche’s unparalleled beauty.

What makes De Beers a brilliant jeweller for engagement rings is not its Greek mythology homework, but its commitment to demystifying diamonds. The De Beers bridal app encourages clients to experiment with quality, size, cut and colour of the diamonds on a ring. So what feels like the most luxurious of android games is actually a personal way of understanding what adds the extra zeros onto a diamond’s price tag.


De Beers’ in-house technology ‘Iris’, meanwhile, is used to demonstrate the clarity of a brilliant diamond by shining a beam of light down each of its eight sets of facets. Only perfectly aligned, perfectly symmetrical facets will light up, like the round brilliant stone in the DB Darling engagement ring. Price on application.

Alice Newbold