The owner of Savile Row tailors Norton & Sons and its offshoot, E Tautz, is also an avid cyclist and a TV judge on The Great British Sewing Bee


What’s your favourite hotel?
JK Place in Rome. In the most extraordinary city on earth you don’t want to leave the hotel.

If you could be anywhere else in the world right now where would you be?
Probably the west coast of Scotland: so dramatic, beautiful, unspoilt and unpretentious.

Best beach?
Luskentyre on the Isle of Harris. White sands, machair, turquoise sea. More sea otters and dolphins than people. Amazing.


Best holiday?
Mallorca, with my bicycle.

What car do you covet?
A Bentley S2 convertible would do me OK. And a Rolls-Royce Wraith for everyday driving.

Favourite cocktail?
Negroni, preferably made by Alessandro at Dukes Bar.

Wine of choice?
Currently working my way through a case of white Bordeaux from Graves, a Château de Respide 2012 from Berry Bros. It was apparently a favourite of Toulouse-Lautrec.


Are you a member of any clubs?
I’ve just been made a fellow at the RSA (The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce). And I’m a member at Soho House.

Your best ever meal?
Dinner at Paul Bocuse in Lyon. I had a lunch at Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester that ran Bocuse a pretty close second, though.

Where’s your regular table in your favourite restaurant?
In Fischer’s in Marylebone – at the back, on the right, under the skylight and the painting of the bewhiskered Austrian in the feathered hat.

Rare, medium rare or well done?
Medium rare.

Recommend one thing that will improve our lives.
Throwing our smart- phones into the sea.

If you could stick at one age, what would it be?
I’m loving this current one (44) – although my body doesn’t seem to want to do what it once did. Maybe brain of now, body of 15 years ago.

Home by 9 or last to leave?
Seldom home by 9. Often last to leave.


Favourite building?
Coventry Cathedral. It was built to replace the old cathedral that was destroyed, along with large parts of the city, in just one night during World War II. It’s hard not to feel moved by its spirit.

Do you collect anything?
Clothes mostly. I have about half a football pitch’s-worth

How would other people describe your style?
Hopefully in complimentary tones. It’s quite simple on the whole.

Your brand of sunglasses?
A classic Wayfarer or E Tautz for Kirk Originals.


How many pairs of shoes do you own?
No idea. I’d estimate somewhere in the region of 100.

Tie or open neck?
Tie with a jacket, open neck otherwise.

Are you wearing a watch?
A Drive de Cartier, which I adore. I also have a 1970 Rolex Oysterdate. Nothing flash.


What’s best, email or a letter?
Letter. I have a wooden trunk filled with letters and postcards I’ve been sent over the years. I love paper and ink and stamps and pretty much everything analogue and arcane.

The last exhibition you went to?
Robert Rauschenberg at Tate Modern. A brilliant show.

What are you reading?
War and Peace. It’s a genuine page-turner, which is just as well as there are about 1,200 of them.


What’s your grooming routine?
I like to clean my teeth with a small brush. I comb my hair and I use Sisley Sisleyum to stop me from looking very old.

Bedlinen: Egyptian cotton or silk?
Cotton. I’m not a 1970s porn star.