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Fraser’s CEO picks his top 10 yachts

Over the last 70 years, Fraser has established itself as the world's largest supplier of luxury yachts – it's sold more than any other brokerage for the last six years. Safe to say, the skipper must be doing something right. We caught up with the man himself, Fraser's CEO Raphael Sauleau, to find out his ten favourite vessels 



‘I was personally involved with Saluzi in my previous role so she will always remain close to my heart. Her interior is absolutely stunning and her ability to offer such exquisite accommodation for up to 32 guests makes her truly unique.’

Endeavour SY
‘Although originally designed in 1933 this magnificent sailing yacht doesn’t look out of place on the water today. Part of the revered J Class which epitomises the very peak of yacht design before World War II her pure and classic lines are stunning and she is a sight to behold when racing against her sisterships.’

Silver Fast
‘Silver Fast offers a visually striking, sleek and stylish profile, that is not just eye-catching but also incredibly fuel efficient and fast. She can travel from Australia to Europe in just 21 days. Inside, her modern and simple interior is complimented by a range of beautiful furnishings and art.’

‘This sailing yacht offers a simple relaxed interior. Designed by Adam Lay the brief was inspired by lake regions in America and Adam has done a fantastic job of creating a really nature-inspired environment.’

Motor yacht A
‘The design of motor yacht A is so ground breaking that she has to be in my top 10. Her hull almost looks like it is upside down with a “small” superstructure. However, A actually boasts around 24,000 square feet of living space, 3 swimming pools, a helipad, a disco and a dedicated wellness area on board.’

‘This stunning classic yacht designed by William Fife in 1909 truly represents the magnificent sailing yachts of a bygone era to me. Her design is so simple, with minimal fittings on deck and a rig that is designed to turn power into speed, yet her grace under sail is just beautiful.’

Here comes the sun
‘This superyacht offers a striking profile with her unusual cream hull and an exquisitely designed light and welcoming interior by Andrew Winch. The emphasis is on light natural woods and stones, using a mixture of different types throughout the design and beautifully crafted to offer texture through exquisite carvings on doors, panels, sofas and even sinks. The craftsmanship involved is simply incredible.’

‘Both the interior and exterior design of Euphoria are so futuristic you could almost believe that you’re on a spaceship. The yacht's designer Ken Freivokh has made incredible use of glass, metals and ultra-modern shaped furniture to create a truly unique and distinctive feel.’

‘Despite her enormous size of 162.5m, Eclipse still offers a sleek profile, with the superstructure (and interior) designed by the world renowned Terence Disdale. Her sheer size makes her a sight to behold on the water, and on board she features a spacious open loggia, balconies for the guest suites, a futuristic submarine hangar and a helicopter hangar.’

Ulysses 107m
‘Ulysses has really been designed from an experienced owner's point of view. He [Ulysses' owner] has an active lifestyle and family and wanted a yacht to enable him to pursue that lifestyle with them all around the world and that is exactly what Ulysses does.’

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