Bayern Munich’s new boss is an unrivalled five-time Champion’s League winner, but there’s more to this former footballer than 4-4-2 or 4-3-3. Hailing from Reggio, he has a passion for sophisticated Italian food, wine and music – and here he reveals that he’s also a closet Trekkie…

If you could be anywhere else in the world right now where would you be? Vancouver. I have just spent my sabbatical year there and found that I absolutely love the Canadian lifestyle.

Best holiday? Family, sun, sea, privacy – find me that and I’m happy.

Best hotel? The SHA Hotel & Spa in L’Albir, Spain.

What’s your preferred car right now? I like to drive an Audi S8. It’s the best car for all-round handling.

And your exercise of choice? Alone or with a trainer? I don’t use a trainer – I prefer to cycle alone.

What luggage do you use? Montegrappa. Its leather goods are superb, as are the pens.


Wine of choice? Masseto by Tenuta dell’Ornellaia. I visit the vineyard in Bolgheri, in northern Italy, every year.

Favourite cocktail? A Bellini from Harry’s Bar in Venice.

Do you cook a trademark dish? I make a very good tiramisu.

Where do you like to eat? Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill in Vancouver. Pino Posteraro is the best chef I know and I’m especially fond of his tartufo dishes. His meals are served up likes works of art.


Are you a member of any clubs? Yes. Bayern Munich.

Home by 9 or last to leave? Home by 9.

The last book you read? A German grammar book – I’ve been studying the language for the last year.

How often do you listen to music? Every day. I have very eclectic taste and listen to everything from pop to opera. I love Italian singers such as Laura Pausini, Andrea Bocelli, Renato Zero, and Eros Ramazzotti.

A favourite tailor? My favourite clothiers are Dolce & Gabbana. I am friends with Domenico [Dolce] and have been wearing their clothes for years.

A favourite building – old and new? Palazzo Pitti in Florence. And the Gherkin in London. My wife used to work next door and I’ve always admired the building.


Recommend one thing that will improve our lives. Recycle. Even a little bit helps.

Most significant element in your home? Firstly my wife, then my TV for watching matches.

Your favourite films? The Deer Hunter, Life is Beautiful and Goodfellas. I also have a life-long love of Star Trek. When I was in Vancouver they were filming the latest movie and I was given a cameo role as a doctor on the Enterprise. It was a good moment.

Your most recent download – and your favourite boxset? I most recently downloaded Narcos and enjoyed learning more about Pablo Escobar.


Do you collect anything? Trophies. But I also like to keep a well-stocked wine cellar, especially with wine from Ornellaia.

Would you rather walk or take a taxi? After a good meal I like to walk home if possible. It’s a great way to work off some calories.

Are you wearing a watch? I’m wearing a Cecil Purnell, a Swiss luxury watch company specialising in tourbillons.

Name a grooming product you believe in. Cologne. I am particularly fond of Tom Ford’s collection.

What’s worth paying for? Great seats for a Champions League match.

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