The Swedish former financier recognised a need for the sort of menswear store in London that he would want to visit: tightly edited with a mix of Italian, Japanese and British brands you can’t find elsewhere in the capital. He set up Trunk (below) in 2010 on Chiltern Street in Marylebone – followed by Trunk Labs, selling shoes, bags and fragrances, up the road a few years later – and it has become a destination for men seeking sophisticated tailoring and knitwear, manned by convivial and knowledgeable staff



What’s your favourite hotel – and do you have a favourite room there?

I’ve got several favourite hotels. When I go home to Stockholm I love staying at Ett Hem, a small hotel that opened a couple of years ago and where Ilse Crawford did all the interiors. All rooms are nice, but my favourite is room 3.

I’ve been going to Tokyo on a fairly regular basis for the last 15 years and Park Hyatt still feels as relevant as when I went there the first time. I prefer staying in one of the corner suits overlooking Shinjuku – on a clear day you can spot Mount Fuji.

Another favourite is A Villa Feltrinelli (below) on Lake Garda in Italy. It’s the perfect summer weekend get-away and I can’t think of a better way to start the day than to have a refreshing dip in the lake before breakfast. Turchese is a nice and cosy room, but I’d be very happy in any of their rooms.

And the best GM?

Markus Odermatt runs a pretty tight ship at A Villa Feltrinelli I think. He and his team always make you feel very welcome.



If you could be anywhere else in the world right now where would you be?

Right now I’d be a very happy man if I was lounging on the lawn reading magazines or a good book at A Villa Feltrinelli.

Best holiday?

Any form of trip by air or Shinkansen train across Japan is great. I’ve been to Hokkaido in the north and Okinawa in the south and lots of places in between and always look forward to discovering something new. Best way to relax is to stay a night in a traditional ryokan, have a bath in the hot springs and then enjoy a delicious kaiseki dinner afterwards.

Best beach?

Forte dei Marmi.

What’s your favourite car, bike, boat or plane? And what do you covet right now?

I’ve got a house not far from Lake Garda, so would be great to have a Frauscher 1017 GT (below) on stand-by in the lake for me.



What’s your ideal Sunday drive?

Driving from Sydney to Palm Beach for a long Sunday lunch at a friend’s house.

And your exercise of choice? Alone or with a trainer?

Running and pilates. I live in Marylebone, so love my morning runs around Regents Park including a quick sprint up and down Primrose Hill. Also enjoy my pilates sessions with Marta at BePilates on Chiltern Street.

What luggage do you use – and what’s always in your hand luggage?

The Rimowa Multiwheel 47.0L in polycarbonate is the perfect travel companion, small enough to take on as carry-on on most airlines and big enough to fit a week of outfits if you pack smart enough and use the hotel’s laundry services.

As I rarely check luggage everything is in one of my two carry-ons. In my tote bag I always have my wallet, passport, phone, laptop, toiletries and for long haul flights also something comfortable to sleep in.

Favourite cocktail?

GT with Monkey 47.

Wine of choice?

A chilled Vorberg from Terlan in Alto Adige. Terlan is the village next to Merano, so feels good to support wines from the region.  

Where are you favourite restaurants?

River Café and Dinings in London, Slipen and Adam/Albin in Stockholm and Maru and Cignale in Tokyo.

Best ever meal?

Every meal at the River Café (below).


Rare, medium rare or well done?


Do you cook a trademark dish?

I like to keep things simple, so depending on what meat, fish and veg looks good at the moment I’ll do my best to make something out of it.

Are you a member of any clubs?

BA’s Executive Club.

Home by nine or last to leave?

Somewhere around midnight in most cases, but when in Tokyo it frequently happens that the sun already has started to go up when I realise it’s time to leave.

 A favourite building – old and new?

The Opera House in Sydney (old) and the MahaNakhon building in Bangkok (new).

What was the last exhibition you went to?

David Shrigley at Stephen Friedman’s gallery.

The last book you read? 

Ways to Disappear by Idra Novey.

How do you listen to music?

Revo internet radio and CDs at home and Spotify in the office. It’s a very different feeling listening to internet radio on a radio like the Revo than on your laptop, so I can highly recommend it. Great way for me to stay connected with Sweden where I’m from.

How often do you buy music?

Very rarely.

Last Netflix series or boxset you watched?

The Bridge.

A favourite tailor?

I think Liverano Liverano in Florence do a good job, but now that I run my own menswear business I’m pretty much sorted with what we’ve got in the shop. As of this season we do our own made-to-measure tailoring with fabrics from Loro Piana and more. All made in Italy.



How many pairs of shoes do you own?

About twenty I think across three homes.

Tie or open neck?

I very much like both, so depends on the occasion.

Most significant item in your home?

The Big Green Egg in my home in Merano. Great when hosting and entertaining.

Do you collect anything?


Where is your favourite home?


Your brand of sunglasses?

Barton Perreira.

How would others describe your look/style?

Contemporary Classic.

What’s best, to drive or to be driven?

Depends on the route. If it’s in a city or to or from an airport I prefer to get driven, but if it’s a route that is part of the experience I don’t mind driving – like driving through the vineyards in Sudtriol / Alto Adige.

Would you rather walk or take a taxi?

Whenever and wherever I can walk I prefer to walk.

What’s best, email or a letter?

Letters for lasting memories, but email for day-to-day communication.

Bedlinen: Egyptian cotton or silk?

Cotton or cotton/linen. Prefer a crisp and dry feel.   

Are you wearing a watch? How many do you own?

I’m wearing a Junghans at the moment. I’ve got a couple of watches and it depends on the occasion which one I wear.

Name a grooming product you believe in.

In Japan Shiseido have some great grooming products that make my hair styling a breeze.

Movies or theatre?

Both, but rarely make it to either unfortunately.

If you could stick at one age, what would it be?

All ages have their charm and I’ve always looked forward to aging gracefully, so wouldn’t want to stick at one age.

What’s worth paying for?


Recommend one thing that will improve our lives.

Invest time and effort in you, your loved ones and the less fortunate.

Portrait by GarconJon