Check out the latest edition of Robb Report – an issue broadly devoted to style, from what we might be wearing this spring and summer to a sartorial adventure with the artisanal tailors of Tokyo

Given our stated ambition to be your manual of modern luxury across all fields, we also devote plenty of space to some exceptional cars – like Aston Martin’s handsome new Vanquish S, which graces our cover and style shoot. Or the Porsche 911 Turbo S, which Ben Oliver drives through the South of France, and the classics restored to their former glory by the gifted artisans of Bicester Heritage. And we also see some exquisite watches, as collected by restaurateur Nobu. We contemplate joining a private club for art collectors, and we celebrate some of the world’s most extraordinary private dining spaces, from a Mughal fort in Rajasthan to the rooftop terrace of Venice’s Gritti Palace.

And as always, we endeavour to explain what makes all of these things exceptional or unique, because it’s our belief that when we get into any particular field of luxury – whether it’s cars, collectibles or superyachts – it brings out the geek in us. We want to know exactly what makes that Vanquish S special – that would be that graceful body which leaps from 0 to 62mph in three seconds. Or why one watch is better or more complicated than another. Or even why a red diamond might be rarer and therefore more valuable than a yellow one, when we’re investing in serious gemstones. Because at its best, luxury is about knowledge rather than bling, it’s about craft and quality rather than just big labels or brands.

The subject of our Masters of Luxury profile in this issue, Mats Klingberg, is the exemplar of this. Unlike previous subjects, Klingberg is not a ‘big name’ – but that’s kind of the point. He runs Trunk Clothiers, a small but perfectly formed boutique that gives its clientele a sharp, brilliant edit of contemporary menswear. And that edit is about cutting out the obvious, sourcing the best pieces from smaller makers around the world and persuading bigger brands to produce cool capsule collections – purely for Trunk. It’s just a small store in London’s ever more fashionable Marylebone, but one which represents a global luxury trend, as savvy men the world over enjoy discovering products of great quality and interesting provenance. It’s that luxury geek thing again…

James Collard, Editor in Chief

Paul Croughton, Editor