Using the JetSmarter app, members can command a global fleet of private planes from their fingertips. How very James Bond

Private jets sitting idly in airport docks are a thing of the past, as JetSmarter, the app that has been likened to the ubiquitous taxi service Uber, coordinates free jets from around the world to get its members on the move.

Though anyone can download the app, core membership requires a background check and base yearly payment of £12,000. Once instigated into the sky high club, individuals can book flights on private charters, shared charters and the JetShuttle, which can be scheduled by any member two months in advance.


More than 40 cities are currently on JetSmarter’s map, with all-you-can-fly access on around 25 Europe routes. Destinations further afield, such as New York, Moscow and Dubai, require a membership upgrade, and bookings for companions also cost extra.

How does the app ensure that there are jets readily available to take businessmen to last-minute meetings in Milan, or on impromptu weekend jaunts to Istanbul? JetSmarter uses predictive maps and algorithms to find out where demand is, but to never exceed it. The aim is to use jets in a ‘smart’, resourceful way, not to supply boys with toys.


Such ‘green’ credentials have won JetSmarter serious financial backing since its quiet launch in 2013. The $105m will be used to expand the company’s international network. Global growth will also introduce more membership perks, which currently include exclusive event access with JetSmarter’s helicopters, and a 24/7 concierge service.

For now, JetSmarter has added bonus routes from London to Nice and Ibiza to keep members occupied during the summer. Founder Sergey Pertrossov, who was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 Business Leaders of 2016, really has thought of everything. Even rapper Jay-Z is a fan.

Alice Newbold