Louis Moniet has embellished its Metropolis timepiece with a drop of the world’s oldest whisky

Those of you with fingers on the horological pulse may remember the Cognac Watch – an Armin Strom containing a few drops of Gautier 1762, the oldest Cognac in the world. Not long after its release, the Rum Watch followed – a Peter Speake-Marin this time, housing drops of the world’s oldest rum, the Harewood 1780.

Earlier this week, Wealth Solutions, the company behind the Spirit Watches, unveiled the latest addition to the series at the Singapore Yacht Show. The Whisky Watch sees French watch brand Louis Moinet’s recently released Metropolis timepiece furnished with a drop of Old Vatted Glenlivet 1862. The droplets can be found inside a miniature tube placed beneath a crystal at three o’clock on the dial.


Wealth Solutions, a Polish company that helps its clientele build rare art and spirits collections, procured the rare Old Vatted Glenlivet 1862 whisky from Sukhinder Singh, co-founder of The Whisky Exchange and one of the world’s leading collectors of rare alcoholic beverages.  Last month, the bottle was opened at an official ceremony, where it was decanted, tasted, and then poured into individual vials that were sealed on the spot. The vials were then handed over to Louis Moinet’s owner, Jean Marie Schaller, to put the finishing touches to the tipsy timepieces. Just 50 pieces will be made in stainless steel (40 pieces) for £14,300 and in 18-karat rose gold (10 pieces) for £36,600. louismoinet.com

 Alex Moore